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"2020 Mental Health"

December 28, 2019


"Mental health response car"

February 3, 2020


"How to Fix Mental Health in Schools - 2020 (True Story!)"

November 29, 2019


State of Mind: Advocates say not enough focus on mental health during the 2020 campaign

February 03, 2020

"The term mental health encompasses a variety of disorders that impact about 20% of Americans and cost hundreds of billions of dollars each year, but as the debate over healthcare in the country is front and center in political debates, mental health remains a minor side note in those conversations.

In the Democratic presidential debate on Jan. 14, 2020, in Des Moines, Iowa, mental health was mentioned four times for less than a minute. Every debate so far in the Democratic nomination process has been much of the same. There have been no, or few, references to mental health and a lack of substance behind any mention."

At Davos 2020, Mental Health Seen As A Social And Economic Imperative

February 04, 2020

"Since 1988, the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting in Davos, Switzerland has helped global political, economic and business leaders understand how to address the biggest challenges facing the world. In recent years, mental health has been featured prominently on the WEF Annual Meeting agenda as a key priority for societies and economies. Last year, for instance, the Mental Health Matters panel brought together several influential speakers (including Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, Bernard Tyson, CEO Kaiser Permanente, and HSBC Group CEO John Flint) united by their commitment to global leadership on mental health. In January, I had the opportunity to attend the 2020 WEF Annual Meeting, speak to leaders and witness first-hand the growing urgency to treat mental health as a social and economic imperative. Below are several takeaways from Davos:

Bridging the “joy gap” and prioritizing emotional and behavioral well-being"

How climate change affects mental health

February 04, 2020

"From post-disaster traumas to anxiety about the future, people around the world are grappling with the impacts of climate change on mental health – so much so that the term “eco-anxiety” has gained popularity in the last few years.

There are two distinct but connected ways that climate change can affect mental health. First, people can experience psychological responses to direct exposure to the consequences of climate change, such as living through a disaster. The other way that climate change can affect mental health is through indirect exposure – such as watching a disaster unfold from afar or reading about a dire new scientific report."

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"2020 Trends: Mental Health Awareness"

December 5, 2019


"Mental Health Matters | Creators For Change 2020"

February 2, 2020


"Oprah's 2020 Vision Tour Visionaries: Lady Gaga Interview"

January 8, 2020


"Kevin Love opens up about mental health struggles: 'Success doesn't make you immune to depression'"

December 19, 2019

"NEW YORK – Tucked into the back corner of an office in midtown Manhattan, Kevin Love is spending the day talking about depression. It’s something he does a lot these days, ever since he published a now widely read piece in The Players’ Tribune about his own mental health struggles.

It’s a tough topic, but now that the flood gates are open, Love almost can’t help himself. He opens up quickly and candidly about his journey with depression and anxiety, sharing personal details without hesitation. Nothing, it seems, is off limits, especially if it means helping other people. We’ve only been chatting  a few minutes, and Love opens up readily, sharing how his depression affected his entire family.

“‘We’d lose you’,” Love recounts his brother saying. “‘You’d go into your room, and Kevin would come out whenever Kevin would come out.’ He was just like, you just weren’t there.”

It can be hard to share these stories, but talking about his issues publicly has not only been healing, Love says, but set him on a new path of mental health advocacy."

"When Will We Solve Mental Illness?"

November 19, 2019

"Nothing humbles history’s great thinkers more quickly than reading their declarations on the causes of madness. Over the centuries, mental illness has been attributed to everything from a “badness of spirit” (Aristotle) and a “humoral imbalance” (Galen) to autoerotic fixation (Freud) and the weakness of the hierarchical state of the ego (Jung).

The arrival of biological psychiatry, in the past few decades, was expected to clarify matters, by detailing how abnormalities in the brain gave rise to all variety of mental distress. But that goal hasn’t been achieved — nor is it likely to be, in this lifetime."

"Gun control vs. mental health care: debate after mass shootings obscures murky reality"

November 19, 2019

"Public health and mental health experts counter that blaming the violence on the mentally ill is unfair and inaccurate, pointing instead to lax gun laws. 'Most violence is not committed by people who are mentally ill,' said Dr. Renée Binder, a professor of psychiatry at the University of California-San Francisco and a past president of the American Psychiatric Association. 'Even if you took everyone who had any kind of mental illness and locked them up and gave them meds, it would hardly make a dent on the problem of violence.'"

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"How to manage your mental health"

July 19, 2018

TED TALK | Leon Taylor




Mental Wellness Month

Dry January (No Alcohol)


1: New Year's Day* & World Day of Peace*

2: National Motivation and Inspiration Day* & World Introvert Day*

3: Festival of Sleep Day* 

6: Cuddle Up Day* 

8: Bubble Bath Day​*

11: Human Trafficking Awareness Day*

12: Work Harder Day* 

14: Organize Your Home Day*

15: Humanitarian Day*

19: New Friend's Day* & World Religion Day

20: International Day of Acceptance* & National Day of Service* & Martin Luther King Jr. Day

22: Celebration of Life Day*

24: National Compliment Day*

27: Holocaust Memorial Day*

28: Speak Up and Succeed Day

30: School Day of Non-Violence and Peace*

31: Inspire Your Heart With Art Day*


International Boost Self-Esteem Month

Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month


1: National Freedom Day*

2: Self-Renewal Day* 

3: National Missing Persons Day*

6: Pay a Compliment Day*

8: No One Eats Alone Day

9: Autism and Asperger Sunday & National Develop Alternative Vices Day *

10: Clean Out Your Computer Day & International Epilepsy Day

11: National Make a Friend Day*

12: Hug Day*

13: Kiss Day*

14: Valentine's Day* & National Have a Heart Day*

15: Singles Awareness Day* 

17: Random Acts of Kindness Day* & Who Shall I Be Day*

20: Love Your Pet Day* & World Social Justice Day*

21: National Caregivers Day

22: Be Humble Day* & World Thinking Day*

23: World Understanding and Peace Day*

27: Inconvenience Yourself Day

28: National Science Day* & International STAND UP to Bullying Day & Rare Disease Day *


American National Nutrition Month

Brain Injury Awareness Month

National Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month


1: Self-injury Awareness Day* & World Compliment Day* & Share a Smile Day*

3: I Want You To Be Happy Day*

5: Multiple Personality Day*

6: World Day of Prayer

7: National Be Heard Day*

10: Festival of Life in the Cracks Day*

13: National Good Samaritan Day*

14: Genius Day* & National Write Your Story Day*

17: World Social Work Day

20: International Day of Happiness*

21: World Down Syndrome Day* & Memory Day*

26: Solitude Day*

29: Good Deeds Day*

30: World Bipolar Day*



Autism Awareness Month

Child Abuse Prevention Month

National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence Alcohol Awareness Month

Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention Month

Stress Awareness Month

1: National Day of Hope

2: World Autism Awareness Day*

3: Weed Out Hate: Sow the Seeds of Greatness*

7: World Health Day*

11: World Parkinson's Disease Awareness Day*

12: International Day for Street Children*

16: World Semicolon Day* & National Stress Awareness Day

18: Adult Autism Awareness Day*

21: World Creativity and Innovation Day*

22: Earth Day*

24: Day of Silence*

25: DNA Day* & World Healing Day

26: Get Organized Day* & Hug a Friend Day*

29: National Peace Rose Day* & World Wish Day*

30: National Honesty Day*


National Smile Month

Action on Stroke Month

National Share a Story Month

National Mental Health Month

2: Childhood Stroke Awareness Day* 

3: World Laughter Day

4: Anti-Bullying Day* Renewal Day* & World Give Day*

5: Childhood Depression Awareness Day & National Silence the Shame Day*

6: National Anxiety Disorders Screening Day

7: National Children's Mental Health Awareness Day

8: World Red Cross Day* 

10: Clean Your Room Day* & Trust Your Intuition Day*

12: CIND Awareness Day & International Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Awareness Day

14: Action For Brain Injury Day & Mental Health Awareness Day & Epilepsy Awareness Day

16: National Purple for Peace Day*

25: National Missing Children's Day*

27: National Gray Day*

28: World Amnesty Day*

29: United Nations Peacekeepers Day*

31: National Meditation Day*​ & National Smile Day*



1: Say Something Nice Day*

2: Gun Violence Awareness Day*

4: Audacity to Hope Day* & International Day of Innocent Children Victims of Aggression*

5: National Attitude Day*

8: World Brain Tumor Day*

10: Alcoholics Anonymous Founders' Day*

11: National Making Life Beautiful Day*

13: Random Acts of Light Day*

15: National Smile Power Day* & Worldwide Day of Giving*

18: Autistic Pride Day*

23: Public Service Day* & Let It Go Day*

26: Forgiveness Day* 

27: National PTSD Awareness Day*



2: Freedom From Fear of Speaking Day*

3: National Compliment Your Mirror Day*

5: National Workaholics Day*

6: International Kissing Day*

7: Global Forgiveness Day* & Tell the Truth Day*

12: Simplicity Day*

15: National Give Something Away Day*

17: International Day for Justice*

18: Nelson Mandela International Day* & World Listening Day*

19: New Friend's Day*

21: National Be Someone Day*

30: International Day of Friendship*



1: Planner Day*

3: Assistance Dog Day

5: National Psychiatric Technician Appreciation Day

10: National Lazy Day*

11: Annual Medical Checkup Day*

15: National Relaxation Day*

18: Serendipity Day*

19: World Humanitarian Day*

25: Touch-A-Heart Day

26: Wiling-To-Lend-A-Hand Wednesday & Make Your Own Luck Day*

27: Thoughtful Thursday

29: Speak Kind Words Saturday

30: National Grief Awareness Day*



5: International Day of Charity*

6: Fight Procrastination Day*

7: National Feel the Love Day* & National Grateful Patient Day*

10: World Suicide Prevention Day* & R U OK Day (Australia)

12: National Day of Encouragement*

13: Positive Thinking Day* & Racial Justice Day

14: I'm on Top of It Day & National Quiet Day (UK)*

15: National Caregivers Day* & Take a Loved One to the Doctor Day

18: National Respect Day*

21: International Day of Peace* & World Alzheimer 's Day* & World Gratitude Day*

22: International Day of Radiant Peace*

25: International Ataxia Awareness Day* & National Psychotherapy Day*



1: Less Then Perfect Day*

2: International Day of Non-Violence* & National Diversity Day & World Smile Day 

4: Improve Your Office Day*

5: Do Something Nice Day* & Day of Unity

7: National Inner Beauty Day* & You Matter to Me Day*

8: National Depression Screening Day

10: World Mental Health Day*

13: Good Samaritan Day* & Headspace Day (Australia) & National Train Your Brain Day*

14: National Stop Bullying Day & Stop America's Violence Everywhere Today

15: Conflict Resolution Day

17: World Trauma Day*

18: Developmental Language Disorder Awareness Day*

19: Evaluate Your Life Day*

20: National Youth Confidence Day* & National Face Your Fears Day

21: Celebration of the Mind Day* & Love Your Body Day

22: International Stuttering Awareness Day* & Wear Purple for Domestic Violence Day

24: Make a Difference Day & United Nations Day*

25: National I Care About You Day*

28: Unity Day

29: World Stroke Day*

30: Checklist Day* & National Speak Up for Service Day* & Sugar Addiction Awareness Day*

31: Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF*


Epilepsy Awareness Month

Child Safety and Protection Month

National Alzheimer's Disease Awareness Month

Healthy Lifestyles Month

National Education Month

National Gratitude Month

1: Give Up Your Should's Day*

3: Give Someone a Dollar Today Day* & US Election Day

4: International Stress Awareness Day

6: National Medical Science Liaison Awareness and Appreciation Day

9: World Freedom Day*

10: World Science Day for Peace and Development*

11: Veteran's Day*

13: World Kindness Day*

16: International Day for Tolerance*

17: World Peace Day*

19: Equal Opportunity Day*

20: International STAND UP to Bullying Day & Beautiful Day* & Transgender Day of Remembrance* 

21: National Survivors of Suicide Day

22: National Stop the Violence Day*

25: International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women* & National Family Caregivers Day

26: National Day of Mourning & US Thanksgiving Day

27: National Day of Listening


AIDS Awareness Month

National Drunk and Drugged Driving Prevention Month

Seasonal Depression Awareness Month

Universal Human Rights Month

1: Giving Tuesday

2: Special Education Day*

3: International Day of Persons with Disabilities*

5: International Volunteer Day*

10: Human Rights Day* & Nobel Prize Day*

18: International Migrants Day*

20: International Human Solidarity Day*

21: National Homeless Persons' Memorial Day

22: Abilities Day*

29: Still Need to Do Day

31: New Year's Eve* & World Peace Meditation Day* & Universal Hour of Peace*


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