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Mental health is just as important as physical health.

It is important to celebrate the beauty of our differences and to understand that there are also invisible wounds. Whether you struggle with an illness, physical or mental--remember this:


Your diagnoses do not define you, they shape who you are today.


Mental health is often considered a taboo topic. Many communities, including ones right here in Massachusetts, lack sufficient mental health education and the necessary resources to eliminate stigma.


Let’s stand up together and help raise awareness about the need for mental health education in Massachusetts, and beyond. It should be a requirement for students, grades 5 through 12 to become familiar with self care and taking care of their mental health. The more people who are aware of our internal differences, the more inclusive our community will be. We plan to take legislative action in support of bills similar to that of bill S.244 of Massachusetts and tackle things from a systematic standpoint, as well as cultural.


On June 16, join us in the Mental Health Rally.

This is not just a short term plan. Not just raising awareness. There has already been lots of awareness that has been risen about mental illness; we want to work towards legislative action and systematic changes.



A short documentary was filmed about our mental health rally by Brave New Films! It was an amazing experience. 

Check out the video. ⤵



SHort-Term Goals

1. Help decrease shame of mental illnesses


2. Create a safe community to talk about

mental health


3. Gain a sense of community & hope for people who face mental illnesses


4. Get contact information of people who want to get involved in the fight against stigma & for mental health funding


5. Have a couple of sibling marches across the nation

Long-Term Goals

1. Plan a lobby day for bill S.244 and other bills focused on improving mental health


2. Work with mental health counselors and therapists to create a strong mental health curriculum


3. Have an action meeting with the people whose contacts we collected from the march to plan legislative actions and events to educate others about how to be a good friend to those struggling & about how to take care of your mental health



10 am - 12 pm













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