May is Mental Health Awareness month. Living in the 21st century, it is very important to sensitize people to the importance of mental health. It is critical to break the misconceptions, remove the taboos and spread awareness to help all those who suffer because of mental health problems. More importantly, it is necessary for every person to live a happy life. The key to a happy life is a happy mind. Keeping in mind that “self care” is essential, Girl up Janaki and Sophrosyne Mental Health present "NEERAVTA".

Neeravta in Hindi means "calmness".  The Neeravta Series consists of three parts-Taal, Dhyaan and Soukaina. "Taal" brings the rhythm of joy to your mind, "Dhyaan", or meditation, will help you calm down and relax, and "Soukaina", a compilation of puppy videos, is sure to brighten your day.

We wish all our viewers happiness and peace!


Music is a great way to forget all the bad things in life and remove negativity from all around us. It helps us de-stress, heal and reduces our anxieties. Music is known to release the stress in our brains. It can also impact us greatly by improving conditions associated with mental illnesses. 

In collaboration with Sophrosyne Mental Health, Girl Up Janaki presents “TAAL”, a hand-picked playlist with music that heals.

Check out the playlist on Spotify: “TAAL” by Girl Up Janaki.


Meditation is one of the best ways to become calm and tranquil. It helps us control anxiety. Meditation also enhances self-awareness and promotes emotional health. Most importantly, it encourages kindness and enhances self-care. In collaboration with Sophrosyne Mental Health, Girl Up Janaki presents “DHYAAN”. “DHYAAN” is a short meditation video with the song “Hara Hara Bhole” by Mahakatha.


Pets, the ultimate cuddle partners, are great sources of joy. They make us happier, reduce stress, decrease loneliness, lower depression and have a huge calming effect. In collaboration with Sophrosyne Mental Health, Girl Up Janaki presents “SOUKAINA”, a short compilation of puppy videos, which will brighten your day.

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