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Discover Monthly

We created Discover Monthly to talk about mental health from more than one angle. We wanted to show that despite how difficult it can be to live with mental illness, it is possible to live a happy, successful life. There is more than one way to live happily, and we think it's important to highlight how different each person's story is. 

We wanted to give you access to resources that help you learn more in a digestible and engaging way. We provide op-eds, books, and celebrities who advocate - illustrating that you are not alone. Despite how you may feel, many others understand and can help. None of the information we put together is to offend anyone, but rather to educate and help represent people across the neurodiverse community. We believe that listening to the stories of others can be empowering and meaningful.


We also discuss the neurobiology behind such conditions and how different therapies can help to allow you to understand more about how your brain works. It's important to understand how your brain works, especially when trying to help yourself better heal. We hope that you find this helpful and maybe learn something new.

Thank you, 
Sophrosyne Mental Health

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