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Founded in 2018, Sophrosyne Mental Health is a not-for-profit organization based in Boston, which began as an Instagram page and gradually expanded to a full-fledged organization. Our mission is to educate teens as well as advocate for mental wellness and accessibility to resources. We initially were assisted by the Youth Activism Project, which guided us in becoming what we are today.


In these past few years, we have been so excited to advocate for mental health legislation, create an app and website, and speak to so many amazing advocates. We have built four teams, creative team, fundraising team, outreach team, and policy team to make sure that we address mental health how it should be addressed - from as many angles as possible.



Fall 2018

Sophrosyne Mental Health was founded

Started the website

Started with our Youth Activism Project advisor


Winter 2018

Planning the Mental Health Rally




Spring 2019

Mental Health Rally 2019

Brave New Films Documentary

Advocacy for Bill S.244 - Mandatory mental health education in MA


Fall 2019

Worked on the website

Expanded the team

Passed out ribbons for World Mental Health Month

Held a presentation a local high school to talk about Sophrosyne + a viewing of our documentary


Winter 2019

Self-Care cards


Help a Friend Page on Sophrosyne Website

Planning Bowling Night for Spring

Planning a Screening of our Documentary

Planning a Mental Health Book Display at our school


Spring 2020

Virtual Mental Health Rally 2020

Released our App!

Started selling jewelry to fundraise

Self-care zoom calls for COVID

Managing COVID stress

Guest Speaking with YAP on Taking Care of Mental Health Being an Activist


Summer 2020

Opened a Depop shop

OpenFloor Podcast


Fall 2020

Misconceptions Series Instagram Posts

Regular Zoom calls

Independent from YAP


Winter 2020


Expanded our team

Opened our Etsy Shop

Beyond the Stereotype Series

Positivity with Jussi Padam Podcast



Spring 2021

Planning our Third Mental Health Rally for 2021



Winter 2022

Website Redesign



Spring 2023

Website Up + Running

Consistent Social Media Postings


Emily Weinberg

Founder and Executive Director

Emily Weinberg is the twenty-one-year-old founder and executive director of Sophrosyne Mental Health. After struggling with her depression and being diagnosed with BPD, she started the organization in 2018 and oversaw it as it grew from website to rallies to the app. When Weinberg began her recovery journey, she saw how difficult it was to find informative, understandable, and compassionate resources, which is why she founded Sophrosyne Mental Health. She currently attends the University of Massachusetts Boston and is majoring in International Relations and Psychology.

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