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frequently asked questions for the mental health rally

Will there be an in-person activity?

Unfortunately for this year as COVID is still a concern, we are having the rally be completely virtual. Our hope is that next year, we will be able to have one in-person.

When is the rally?

The rally, like last year, will take up the duration of May. Each week, we will offer different opportunities to participate and put out different materials.

How do I get more information on attending and participating?

We will be posting more on our account and we have an Instagram account for it called: @mentalhealthrally2021.

How can I get in contact with Sophrosyne about the Mental Health Rally?

You can send us a dm or feel free to email us at

How do I join the Mental Health Rally?

Check out the Get Involved Page for the Mental Health Rally to get more information about how you can join!

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