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  • Who runs this site?
    Hello! My name is Emily. I'm 17 and I have a cat named Cheddar. I am an activist for gun violence prevention, mental health advocacy, and animal rights, but I'm also an ally on a lot of other important current events.
  • What inspired me to create this website?
    Almost 2 years ago, I was hospitalized for my depression and anxiety. I was there for a month and it was probably the experience in my life that had the greatest impact on me. When my mom and dad were growing up, many people didn't talk about mental illnesses, so they didn't know how to talk to me about it at first. It felt like they were doubting my ability to know my own body when I tried to talk to them about it. My family has a history of mental illnesses and disorders. Ranging from depression to anxiety to bipolar disorder. I had no idea until I was hospitalized, but my parents were struggling with depression too. When I was hospitalized, I was diagnosed with borderline personality disorder. I started building this website so that teens and other people could have a platform to understand why their brains work the way they do and for resources to be easily accessable.
  • What new projects am I working on?
    I am hoping to work on some new elements for the website like quizzes for resources and playlists and meditations. I also want to make an ally page, so that people who see their friends or others stuggling with a mental illness can have resources to help them.
  • What mental illnesses do I have?
    I have a medication for my ADHD, and a medication for my anxiety, OCD, and depression. I did DBT to help make my BPD (Borderline Personality Disorder) more managable. I also have dyslexia.


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