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Mental Health


Sophrosyne is a not-for-profit organization combating the stigma of mental illness through education, art, and legislation.



About Sophrosyne

Mental health matters. For those struggling with a mental health condition, remember this: your diagnoses do not define you, but they do shape who you are today. However, mental health is a taboo topic because it is often not visible from the outside. Many communities of different demographics lack sufficient mental health and special education resources, and people in need of these accommodations are not able to access them. Our goal is to celebrate the beauty of our differences and to deconstruct the stigma. Let us stand up together and help raise awareness about mental health and neurodiversity.


A greek word for a healthy state of mind found when one is fully self-aware, which can lead to true happiness.


We apply the ideas of
Sophrosyne to 
contemporary mental health to encourage self-reflection and promote compassion 
toward oneself and others.

Meaning Behind Our Logo


Sophrosyne’s logo is a rose as a metaphor for mental health. The thorns of the rose represent the struggles of mental illness, validating that in each person’s mental health journey there will be battles that feel prickly and painful. However, stronger than each thorn is a stem that persists relentlessly. At the end of every rose plant is a flower; whether that is a bud or a full blossom, we see it as growth and gratification. A rose is more than its thorns: you are more than your mental illness! We chose green as our logo color because of its ties to mental health.

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