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types of Goals


Educating people about different mental health conditions and providing resources.


Uplifting voices of different communities to highlight the intersectionality of mental health and injustice, particularly in the United States.


Highlighting mental health legislation and creating opportunities to help get it passed, such as making video testimonies and signing petitions.


Creating connections between allies, the neuro-divergent community, and mental health advocates.


Putting out and highlighting mental health-related art, such as drawings, stickers, articles, and videos.

Short term + Long term goals
Short Term + Long Term Goals

SHort-Term Goals

1. Help decrease shame of mental illnesses


2. Create a safe community to talk about mental health


3. Gain a sense of community & hope for people who face mental illnesses


4. Get contact information of people who want to get involved in the fight against stigma & for mental health funding


5. Have a couple of sibling marches across the nation

Long-Term Goals

1. Plan a virtual lobby day for bills focused on improving mental health


2. Work with mental health counselors and therapists to create a strong mental health curriculum


3. Have an action meeting with the people whose contacts we collected from the rally to plan legislative actions and events to educate others about how to be a good friend to those struggling & about how to take care of your mental health

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